Haile speech about debretsion


Genazu Amharic film appeared on Seferachn redirection tube for swarms on January 11 2021 another family movie ardent and spoof movie, highlighting Ashenafi Mahlet, Freyat Yena and others. Ethiopian full-length romantic comedy filmEthiopian Amharic Movie Bategaragn 2020. Ethiopian Amharic Movie 2020 is just followed through on Youtube. Appreciate! Ethiopian Movie Aned Menged 2020 followed through on Youtube station by Netsebraq Media.


This film is conveyed by hamle 10 studio and presented by family pictures. In light of everything, known and new specialists participated in the film, among this Birktuwait Shimlais,Redhet Getahun, Liyat Seyoum, and Bezuatehu Meles are some of them. The film is made by Daniel Derib and composed by Hamle 10 studio.Qin Leboch in this show about information imparted on the principal media stream or casual associations.


He urges we really want to pick what we watch and what we follow to avoid inclination and fake news messages from those media. What made Fistum Asfaw so angry?. Qin Leboch of Fistume Asfaw Interviewed Comedian Dereje Haile. In this particular gathering, Derege uncovered the nuances of his accessory and best friend Habte Mitiku passing. As a rule Dereje mourn the manner in which Habte died and his inclination reliably before him when he talks about his best friend.

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