We share 10 birr for two


If you become too cozy in a relationship, it will end. I will say it again: get comfortable in a relationship, and it will end. The inevitable will eventually happen, although it might not be immediately. He will not understand why his wife or girlfriend will gather the courage to get up and leave when they do (at least that's what her brain will tell her). It will be too late when you are finally frank with yourself and realize your mistakes. She will be with someone who strives every day to make her smile. These four actions will demonstrate to her couple that she made the right decision. You will notice that I did not say "tell it" because the children talk about her plans. Men simply do it. Build her trust by showing that you have her back in the little things of her life will help her to have faith in your ability to be there for her when things get difficult. Pay attention to little things and offer assistance when and where she can. It doesn't matter how agitated her schedule, she should never feel ignored. It is quite unlikely that two people, regardless of how compatible they are, have 100% of the same interests. Find something you appreciate, make an effort to understand why and create a special activity around you. Who knows, maybe you discover that you are also excited by this hobby.

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