Ethiopia interview with artist Hanan Tariq April 23 2022


Ethiopia interview with craftsman Hanan Tariq April 23 2022


Entertaining Tiktok recordings 2021 Enjoy r naaa. Laid out in January 2018, Contemporary Nights has been giving a space to trial and error and working with conversations for specialists and inventive laborers. The most up to date program GOJO is a residency for 6 craftsmen to investigate and foster the possibility of homemaking in a cooperative space.


Artist and choreographer Dawit Seto, visual craftsman Solomon Kifle, execution craftsman Hamdiya Ahmed, planner and writer Betelhem Abebe, draftsman, and urbanist Yasmin Abdu Bushra, and carnival craftsman Eyob Teshome were accumulated by guardian Sarah Bushra from March to August of 2020.


"What was clear to us was the absence of actual space accessible for individuals to meet up. We felt the need. Our underlying aim of exploring the home, Gojo, changed on account of the pandemic. It seemed OK to name it gojo as a result of 2020," says Sarah, making sense of how the pandemic and the rough agitation were compromising our idea of a home consistently.

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