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Members communicated that instructors need to foster creative learning strategies, for instance, with computerized devices and conditions and by associating understudies' learning with the universe of work in a rousing manner. They likewise recognized that to get by in Education 4.0 and in a globalized climate, educators' English abilities should be improved. In our venture, we need to construct learning minutes for educators where they can develop their imagination and English abilities simultaneously. Worldwide cooperation can open up new points of view for Vietnamese accomplices. 


In light of the examinations, the new instructor abilities significant in Education 4.0 were planned and partitioned into three principle regions: 


Capability in instructional method implies that instructors can plan and carry out ability based and understudy focused figuring out how to coordinate with the necessities of Industry transformation 4.0. 


Capability in innovation implies that instructors can adequately utilize innovation to upgrade and change educating and learning rehearses towards Education 4.0. 


Capability in the learning environment implies that instructors can draw in with networks inside schooling and industry to make associations and backing cooperation required in Education 4.0. 


During the impending turn of events and learning process, Vietnamese educators will mirror their expert development dependent on these capabilities. The point is to fabricate an ability based execution for instructor learning by dialogical and co-innovative learning minutes with adjusts to Education 4.0. Computerized devices and applications will be broadly utilized and drilled. The instructors need to have own encounters as a student to have the option to apply new practices in their own current circumstance. Our interaction depends on sociocultural and socio-constructivist sees about learning (for example Lave and Wenger, 1991; Salomon and Perkins, 1998; Vygotsky, 1978), and educator learning is viewed as a powerful interchange between an instructor and their changing workplace.

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