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The head of the Degodia clan, Wober Abdile, Wober Abdi got a decoration for his commitment to harmony.




The conventional head of the Degodia clan of Somali locale, Wober Abdile Wober Abdi, got the 2019 Dad of Harmony Award of Distinction from previous Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta.


The top of the Somali area, Mustafa Muhammed, introduced the harmony decoration to the head of the Degodia family.


Wober Abdile Wober Abdi, the main conventional head of the Degodia clan in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya, is said to have attempted to forestall harm to the daily routines and property of residents experiencing nearby because of contentions.


The top of the Somali area, Mr. Mustafe Muhammad, said that the work done by the ancestral pioneer to guarantee that the clans in the Liban zone live in harmony and to live in harmony with the networks in the adjoining nations is outstanding.


Previous Envoy of Ethiopia to Kenya and Representative of the Service of International concerns, Diplomat Meles Adelman, said that Wober Abdelile isn't just the conventional head of the Degodia clan, yet in addition the dad of harmony for Ethiopians.


Envoy Meles likewise referenced that the Harmony Decoration of Honor grant is a triumph for all Ethiopians.


The individuals from the Kenyan designation who gave over the honor expressed that the honor was given to Waber Abdile to be perceived as a good example of harmony and to empower others.


The honor function was gone to by elderly folks, strict pioneers, priests, senior government authorities and welcomed visitors.


Wober Abdule Wober Abdi is the dad of harmony who lives in the Filtu locale of Liban zone of Somali area, as per the Workplace of Correspondence Undertakings of the Somali Territorial Government.

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