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Ordered for a year at the beginning, but it depends on the restorations, the work of the global application will complement that in general adopted by the Joint Research Team, including the UN Office of Basic Freedoms and the Ethiopian Commission of Human Rights, in a supposed infraction of basic releases, the law of exile and exile presented by all meetings to the statement in Tigray.




Mass catches


The boss appointed by UN Libertades pointed out with concern that the highly sensitive situation of Cross Country reported on November 2 had caused massive captures of those accepted to be attentive to the front of the Tigrayan people (TPLF).




Many ethnic Tigrayanos have been kept, along with more than twelve writers and UN staff, he said.




"While a part of those captured during the last weeks have been delivered, we evaluate it that somewhere in the range of 5,000 and 7,000 remain maintained, including nine people from the UN. Many are confined in incommunicado or in areas Dark. This is equivalent to implementing the disappearance and an exceptionally serious question. "




Mrs. Al-Nashif also asked the Government of Ethiopia "to transmit reasonable and autonomous procedures that address the total scope of the distinguished infraction ... Without great efforts of responsibility, a global instrument could be a significant supplement."




The High Commissioner Deputy urged all meetings to participate in a "significant and comprehensive exchange" through the National Dialogue Commission and with respect to the intervention efforts of the African Union.


Speaking as the concerned country, the designation of the Ethiopia government dismissed the procedures of the Council as politically stimulated obstruction, before demanding its "open responsibility" to basic freedoms.




The extraordinary meeting on Friday, only this year's fifth in the agency based in Geneva, had not denounced "looting, the obliteration of property, assault and sexual abuse, the use of children's officers by these Revolutionary powers, the TPLF, "said ambassador Zenebe Kebede.




Fear strategies


Representing the TPLF as a "group of psychological oppressors", she added that her contestants had assured "in excess of 1,000 trucks that transmit philanthropic supplies to individuals in the Tigray area and involved them for military purposes."

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