Tplf secret revealed


The Orom Liberation Front resistance (OLF) said yesterday that ten of its individuals, including two columnists who work for transmission, the signaling of Billiismaa Oromo (SBS), were captured by the government's safety powers throughout the end of week.




In a different proclamation, he gave today, Olf said he has no idea that the whereabouts of the ten people who said was captured throughout the end of the week. They are: Regatta Mohamed, Individual of the Central Committee and Representative; Murat Samba (Malay Dan), individual of the Central Committee; Dr. Ada Oliveira, supervisor of the Olf director's office; Persian Auu, OLF, ABBA adds that covers the Office of Hierarchical Affairs. Tunisia (Mikado Subject), Individual of the Office of Authorizing Affairs; Guru Mu Ayanna, Marco Olf; Jessica Russia, authorized Olf companies Office of the Mandy region and Lidia All Mantissa, the class part of Ladies Olf. And what is more




Two columnists who work for SBS: Asatrú Buddha and Tessa Marissa, were in the summary of the names delivered by the OLF.




"The circumstance of harmony and security in Rome is further disintegrating; the conflict in Tigray and the useful emergency that he did is enormous; savagery in Benishangul rubber is strong; and the countries and identities in the south of the local state are going through the confusion. The struggle of the line between the Sudanese and Ethiopia powers are taking measures to send Ethiopia to the scale on a large scale of emergency and deterioration. However, despite each of these emergencies, the part of the Decision is preparing to direct the political race in 2021, "said the affirmation. The meeting encouraged the local area around the world to take measures to promote the collection of decisions to offer all political detainees before directing the political race.




Western Roma attacks against civilians




Olf's assertion arose, since the pressures are ascending in the Western Rome, the university area after they saw gloomy murders of regular citizens in assaults that occurred since December 13, 2020. The occupants of the city of Horn Guru revealed A DW Amharic, they said that the shooters have assaulted adhara regular citizens. Group of people who use "blades and bullets". This most recent assault has killed more than six people at Uluru Locale, Jab to Dozen Rebeldes. There have also been different assaults in the regions known as Gama and Halo.




Separated Bach, Head of the Office of Communication Affairs of the Territorial State Rome, on the other hand, granted that 19 regular citizens, 13 of which of the group of people of Adhara in Guru de Horn and six of the group of Oromo People in Ned SE They executed by "Olf / Shane", the name authorities are used to allude the Oromed Release Army of Radical Rehanding (wave), an escape collection of the OLF.




As separately, the assaults were driven ethnically and that the local government is unequivocally centered. "We did not stop by censoring the assaults, however, we have taken steps on the culprits," he said separately. Likewise, two people were executed and seven government authorities associated with the inclusion in words and rebellious level were treated. In the same way, he was separated from the fact that the culprits were sponsored by PLF and tried to connect the assailants with the Oromo group. "These facts do not address the Oromo public, the local government of Orma and our Ethiopia nation."




On December 16, a detached joint gave said that, from the latter, security efforts were taken in 782 people associated with being wave individuals. Of these 385 people were sacrificed in battle, while 287 have been delivered to government security powers. Another 170 people who said they were working within the local area were captured with the help of the local area.




Independent puts the number of people from the deceased captured in 1,900 and said they were associated with enlistment and helping the wave initiative. They were taken to court in their particular areas.




The new repression also addresses government authorities. Around 808 Governor

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