TPLF secret revealed


With their military obliterated and their last, best troopers got out in one morning on the edges of their capital Merely the final remnants of the drive of Ethiopia's PLF framework needed to pull out to the secret Hagarasalam underground fortresses near the capital. Worked by the broadly dubious and unfortunate TLF back up parent Myles Denali, the Hagarasalam strongholds were the shock opening of direness, a spot to stow away through different difficulties of battling in prosperity. No originator that helped structure this baffling underground asylum system lived to relate the story.


Right when their adversaries, the Ethiopian furnished power, circled them there the PLF mafia capos moved away through a secret 300 meter long section and from a genuine perspective set out toward the slants, the nearest mountainside, to conceal. They isolated into two social events and endeavored to find what safeguard they could. Old, fat and workspace bound as far back as 30 years, they're engaging fit days of the 1980s guerrilla war were ancient history. Without induction to food or water it wouldn't have been long until their dance was up.


They were quickly spotted, incorporated and offered an ensured quiet submission which they disdained at least a time or two. By then the attack started, first robust weapons flood, by then worked over again by helicopter gunships.


Right when the last assault was done all that was left of the PLF pioneers on that mountainside were pieces of bones and body parts.

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