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10 years before the battle of Ada, the European forces had determined the fate of Ethiopia. At the Berlin conference, European nations divide Africa among them.




Italy had a pilgrim property over the port of Assam since 1882. At the Berlin conference, the powers of the European border agreed that Italy could assume control over Ethiopia as its future province.




The extension of Italy through Ethiopia was encouraged by the destruction caused by an irresistible viral infection that killed up to 90% of the nation's animals. Hunger and disease eliminated 33% of the population.




Italy exploded destruction. Long -term Italians marked the Ballena Treaty with Menelik in May 1889. The agreement was written in Amárico and Italian. The agreement would later be the trigger for ada's skirmish. Menelik had to find that the language in the two variants of the agreement contrasted. The Italian form successfully made the protectorate of Ethiopia Italy, instead of the Amarian adaptation.




Menelik had the cunning of executing the agreement both in the Italian and Ethiopian language, Amárico. As indicated by the love form, understanding was only a participation agreement, and not an acceptance of power, as expressed in article 17.




As facilitated the unfortunate destruction, Menelik began planning the battle against the Italians and pronounced an absolute activation of the battle against Italy. He called all Ethiopians to protect their nation, family and religion. He asked each competent individual to fight and those unable to request from God the triumph of Ethiopia.




The Ethiopians of each clan, culture and local area in a fraction of a second went to Menelik's call. In fact, even the clergymen transmitted the taboo, an imitation of the ark of the pact to the war zone.




The main confrontation occurred in ABA Aladi. The Ethiopians covered the Italians for a few days, endless supply of Emperor Menelik, the recommendation of the Empress Tacit Vital, to eliminate the water supply of the fortress.

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