Ebs Asfaw Meshesha life story


Exactly when the Peace Corps was laid out, the clarification used to indorse the idea was that it was proposed to propel world concordance and cooperation through volunteers, who could offer their organizations even through trouble. From the 1960s to 2015, right around 220,000 people find joined the Harmony Corps and served in 141 countries. In such way, Ethiopia was among the essential countries to invite Peace Corps volunteers and the primary get-together of 300 preparation volunteers showed up in Addis Ababa in September of 1962, creates Meheret-Selassie Mokonnen.


Gathering Ethiopia, potentially the most cheered bunches in Ethiopian music, was made from strong specialists like Tesfaye Lemma, Getamesay Abebe and Melaku Gelaw. The band reliably had fascinating presentations. In the end, someone excellent joined the band, who later sorted out some way to amaze various music-sweethearts across the globe


It was truth be told Charles Sutton - an American who overwhelmed playing Mesenko, a one stringed standard Ethiopian music instrument. Instructed by the late Getamessay Abebe, he joined the all-Ethiopian band. Dressed like an Ethiopian, talking as an Ethiopian and playing an Ethiopian music instrument, Sutton after a short time got acclaimed. He was known as the ferenj (pariah) singing in Amharic.

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