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The Industry 4.0 assumes an essential part these days in cultivating innovative exercises. The fundamental ideas of the Industry 4.0 can be depicted in four classes viz Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of Things, Smart Factory and Internet Services. Information assortment in Industry 4.0 can help in overseeing, creating and coordinating work inside the organizations. Hence, business visionaries can settle on more educated choices in regards to evaluating and product requesting dependent on the theoretical comprehension of Industry 4.0 practices inside their individual associations. 


In this article, the writers join pioneering instances of Industry 4.0 models in two business elements from various fields of industry. The cases comprise of a customary book shop and a coffee café, the two of which work in Finland. The point of this article is to utilize the contextual analyses to delineate how the mix of Industry 4.0 practices impact, change, create and encourage innovative practices in Nordic nations. 


The Fourth Industrial Revolution has changed our daily existence, how we interface and mingle. The motivation behind this article is to see how this point was reached, from history up to the current day. The assessment of cases will banter on the effect of Industry 4.0 on the inventory network of writing items, given by an exemplary book shop. Identified with this it is fundamental to evaluate if digital books will ultimately vanquish printed books. Also, the article plans to show the effect of innovation on the production network tasks measure. The instance of the coffee house will basically assess the effect of Industry 4.0 on the production network of Swedish café chain Espresso House
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