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Abiy pushed the Tigrayans through his relations with the President of Eritrea Isaiah Afwerki. The War of Ethiopia-Ethiopia indexed in 1998-2000 costs a huge number of lives over the various sides. From this point forward and soon, the circumstance "without limitation, no concordance has been excluded for the two nations.




Any work to choose to examine and bring the improvement of friends is cheerful. In any case, these responsibilities are practically safe that the Tigrayans banished and their elected delegates, since they could be the most influenced packages in the Agreement.




ABIY's current plan has been achieved with Eritrea without a discussion or a true connection with Tigrayans. After the last activity plan, Isaiaias issues "Wooyane Game Way". Does anyone say that anyone who is surprised if numerous tigrayans enveloped the plan was an understanding of the animosity whose goal was to annihilate Tigray? In light of everything, it was a weakened synchronization with the upper part of a savage and déspot that had directly expressed its goal of annihilating "Woyane".




Abiy made essential arrangements for military activities in Tigray at a point before the containment broke out in November 2020. I went to Parliament that had raised the limits of strategic robots, visited Eritrea's military work environments and worked with Isaiah in The power equipped with Ethiopia. establishments

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