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The person who played an undeniable occupation in the sensational and melodic improvement at the setting was the Armenian public Narses Nalbandian, a naturalized Ethiopian. Nalbandian was credited with dispatching the task of arranging the close by sounds with western fly, without destroying the authenticity of the music. In doing as such he helped set the energy for the headway of Ethio-Jazz, a hybrid of the pentatonic scale-based melodies of standard Ethiopian music, with the 12-note harmonies and instrumentation of Western music.


Arranger and author Mulatu Astatke, ready in the UK and the USA, returned to Ethiopia in 1970 to add to this by and large growing style. He brought his own indisputable, signature contact, which later deservedly procured him the title of The Godfather of Ethio-Jazz. Under his tutelage various compelling master emerged.

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