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The 34-year-old man had increased as an innovative political voice from the Oromo ethnic meeting and had made numerous enemies during his melodic profession.




Two suspects were captured after he shot him dead while he was driving in the capital, Addis Ababa on Monday night. In any case, the police have not yet discovered a process of thinking in sacrifice and no charges have been presented against suspects.




The burial service of Hachalu has occurred in the old neighborhood of Ambbo of Him.




BBC AFAAN OROMOO's Bekele Atoma Exposes the artist that he was a thistle in the substance of progressive governments.




Ethiopia has seen six periods of long life of serious political precariousness. The four initials were described by destructive struggles in the premises of Oromia and Amhara.




The privilege of selfing and a conclusion to the infringement of common freedoms was at the center of requests for restriction clusters for a change.




In 2018, the Revolutionary Democratic Front of the Popular Ethiopia (EPRDF, for its acronym in English) managed and swore changes, delivered political detainees and welcomed ideological groups, means and activists banished.

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