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Guaranteeing the advantages of children is crucial for perseverance, prosperity and flourishing, but a considerable number of young people remains at risk of ferocity, abuse and abuse, and harmful practices.




An overabundance of 48% of the general population of Ethiopia of more than 94.3 million 18 and minors of adolescents was developed. According to the Demographic and Health Survey of Ethiopia 2016 (EDS), practically 25% of young women and women developed 15-49 have experienced genuine brutality from 15 years and 10 percent reported having experienced sexual violence. Help search behavior is low: Only 25% of young women and women who had experienced any type of physical or sexual hostility had sought help, while 66% has not sought help or taught anyone with respect to the violence. How many young people experience violence is dark, since EDS 2016 did not accumulate data on brutality against young people or men?




According to the government's commitment to end the adolescent marriage and FGM / C for 2025, UNICEF urges the Government to attract young women through essential capacities, legal capacity and information, changing the neighborhood family guidelines, developing more help for Transport and evidence through the evaluation. and research.

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