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The nature of learning is worked by depending on the possibility of helpful arrangement (Biggs 2011), which underlines the arrangement between designated capabilities and instructive climate with educational practices. Digitalisation is an essential prerequisite in present day proficient world, and that is the reason it is additionally important for the technique at HAMK too. Computerized abilities are created in all levels of the association and advanced instruments are generally utilized in the learning measures, for instance in collaboration and study module projects. Understudies produce mixed media advanced yields like normal task plans, introductions, intelligent photographs, recordings and infographics as a proof of their capabilities. For peer learning and coordinated effort, they use group instruments, for instance Microsoft Teams to ease sharing materials and making meeting notes, Skype for Business to online gatherings and WhatsApp to have a discussion to tackle concentrate on module project-related day by day issues. Understudies have the likelihood to browse an assortment of advanced apparatuses, and educators can concur with their understudies which devices are utilized for specific purposes. For some of them they get support from the HAMK IT association, however others are taken in with the direction from educators. For educators this requires nonstop advancement of educational practices and observing of new inventive applications. HAMK upholds staff and understudies' advancement by granting Digital open identifications (see for example Bauer, Siklander and Ruhalahti 2017), identified with, for instance, shared work, instructive capabilities and advanced apparatuses.
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