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Menelik II (1844-1913) was the one ruler who accomplished the dreams Tewodros had for his country. Menelik took over as leader of Ethiopia in 1889 after the end of Yohannes in the Battle of Metema. Most European powers in the late nineteenth still hanging out there to get areas in Africa. Italy was focusing in its desires on particularly Ethiopia. The Treaty of Uccialli was wrangled among Ethiopia and Italy in 1890. Two copies, one in Amharic and one in Italian, were prepared. On the Italian type of the plan, Francesco Crispi, top state head of Italy, pronounced to all European nations that Ethiopia had transformed into a locale having a spot with Italy. On the Amharic variation, it gave Menelik II the choice to demand Italy for help in events from need, but it said nothing in regards to Ethiopia transforming into an area of Italy. Right when Menelik II found the misinterpretation, he speedily wrote to Britain's Queen Victoria, to the head of Germany, and to the head of France requesting that Ethiopia was at this point an independent country. In 1893, Menelik II chided the plan and by 1895 Ethiopia and Italy were at war. On March 1896 Menelik's warriors crushed the Italian equipped power at Adwa, Ethiopia. A while later, Italy saw Ethiopia as a free country.

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