What precautions should be taken for infants?


As per the examiner\'s record, just the first, second and third respondents were charged in the first case, while the first litigant was filling in as a Framework Overseer at the Aqaki Kaliti sub-city locale 05 and the second respondent was an associate assessor in the sub-city land improvement and the board office. To get ill-advised benefits for themselves by plotting with the third respondent, who is independently employed in their field of work and is an extraordinary member in defilement, they unlawfully sold the place of Mr. Gedei Gebre Ghidiabheer in the locale and involved it for their very own benefit. He will be ready and given an ID card and an endorsement of chastity.

After the third respondent opened a record number from Dashan Bank utilizing the phony ID, he expressed that he was Mr. Gdei and that the house had a place with him and that he needed to sell the property. By giving a duplicate of the phony testament of possession guide to the individual who proposed to purchase the house, he caused him to accept that he is the proprietor of the property, and consented to sell the property for 11 million 500 thousand birr.

The second respondent likewise given over the data he had acquired to the third litigant when a solicitation was made for the belonging enrollment administration through Mr. Gedei G/Khodwa, the legitimate owner of the property, and he was answerable for the cycle to be done by him, giving the data to the third respondent, and when the guide was enlisted by the agreement the third litigant made with the confidential casualty, Mariyam, the equilibrium of the all out deal was 6,200,000 thousand. As indicated by the understanding that Birr will be paid, subsequent to finishing the planning of the guide, he sold Mr. Geday\'s property illicitly, and for this work, he got 150,000 Birr from the third respondent, 200,000 Birr from the fourth litigant, a sum of 350,000 Birr. The arraignment denotes the main charge of significant debasement.

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