Dr abiy ahmed speech


Scientists and philosophers are still to propose final answers to questions about the origin of humanity, the purpose of their existence and possible existence in the future. A similar enigma, which interests teachers, instructors, coaches and all those responsible for the task of knowledge transfer and skills development, refers to the degree to which our biological makeup affects our cognition and learning skills. Asks an interesting question to reflect if an individual can acquire the same experience that Lionel Messi, Albert Einstein or Elon Musk, if that individual is passed through rigorous and carefully orchestrated learning sessions of his early. Childhood, or if such excellence is only achievable if you have the correct genes. It is an intriguing research domain and researchers has tried to find correlation between the biological features of an individual, the surrounding environment and individual development in terms of learning.


The conception of man talks about our beliefs, knowledge and values ​​(Susimetsä, 2018, p.15). What is the importance of humanity? What are the origins and the destiny of humans, where they exist in relation to each other and their environment? As a concept, the conception of man is closely related to the concept of worldview, but the conception of man also includes a strong ethical point over what humanity is and what is a human being (Krohn, 1981, p.10; Hirsjärvi , 1984, p. 91). The conception or idea of ​​human beings acquires a privileged position when considering through the pedagogy lens. It is understood that the beliefs of the teachers about their students have influence on the behavior of the students, the way in which knowledge is acquired in the class, as well as its thought process (Borg, 2001). It is also understood that the teacher's beliefs have shown a positive correlation with the success of the students (Hattie, 2012).

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