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Interpreter Mekdes Tsegaye and actress Kidest Gerbersellassie on the first stage of Yeleb Weg for the new Anthiopian. zone two. A triple thong can not be easily broken, appropriately, to stay united, to speak with one voice and to be in one data, the power of the Holy Spirit will broadcast in your family and in the assembly of The meaning of our God. The gathering of Christ encounters such difficulty and clashes in these peak moments of the fear of the fear of God in people, young people, adolescents, no doubt, the structure of the family, and thus, the assembly.




Significantly connect with God elsewhere helps you make basic moderations for a happy wedding that suffers until the end of time. Exactly when you keep the quality of God reliably, the more strong you will be, unshakeable, venerable and paying to your companion. The injustice is uncontrolled today and it is undoubtedly created by the despicable and human intolerant desires of the tissue.




We are during a period when sin is described as a finish, an age that seeks a brief euphoria rather than never end. It is also through the demand and the important proximity with God that Brendan and I had the alternative to collaborate in search of a company. Before meeting enthusiastic affections for each other, we formed a named book, "worthwhile to continue the pursuit of God's love."




It revolves around various topics such as certainty, pious dating, modifying a destroyed heart, seeking after obvious dreams, the eminence of virtue, the power of remission, the power of achievement, fulfillment in the middle of the Anxiety and complements the passive consent to the incredible God. and superb plans for our lives.

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