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Hydrology: Effort in the program period will be to bring the number of hydrological stations as close
to the prescribed WMO (World Meteorological Organization) standards as possible. Towards this
end, a total of 274 new hydrological gauging stations will be installed at various rivers and lakes for
collection of hydrological data. This will include 150 new automatic recording stations and 124 new
non-recording stations.
Meteorological services: To improve collection of reliable meteorological data, the National
Meteorological Services Agency (NMSA) will install 745 new weather stations of varying classes at
selected representative areas across the country, bringing the total number of stations to 1,540. To
strengthen and expand meteorological data collection and supply of adequate weather information,
meteorological branch offices will be established in 8 regions within the next five years.
Flood protection and control: The WRDP has proposed to undertake a number of flood protection
studies and works on many sites. Major sites include: Awash River Basin, Lake Tana, Lake Awassa,
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