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The normal individual is washed his sheets once at regular intervals, however, at the end of spring, twice a month is not enough to keep allergens under control, "said Neil Robinson, Neil Robinson.


"In the Hayfever season, consider washing their leaves once a week to keep the sheets released from dust, as well as waste and different particles that can aggravate manifestations."


Like the allergens, its leaves accumulate a large number of cells from dead skin, the powder parasites feed, in addition to drying the fecal matter in case it rests exposed. Net.


As indicated by the specialists, the exploding them in the clothes washer per week per week is not enough; Select the ideal temperature, too.


"A hot washing will also help," adds Neil. "In an examination, researchers found that washing things at more suffocating temperatures were more convincing to eliminate tree dust suggestions, so when laving the sheets, make sure it is at a temperature of 40C or higher, Preferably essentially 60c ".


To ensure you keep your sheets and alembra of very impeccable pillows, Allergen Sans, and in the best conditions, Jo Ross, General Design Manager in Sheridan, has cured a definitive assistant.


She decreases the mileage when turning her leaves for a new set every week. It is prescribed to use an Eucalyptus cleaner, along with respect to its material, since they are more delicate than the different cleaners.


In the possibility of off that uses a top loading washer, delay until the cleaner is fully weakened in the water before placing sheets on the machine. Non-diluted cleaners can cause stains on the texture.


Try not to use the dye and optical illuminators. They are too brutal on the fabric and damage the strands of the material. A washing of warm and delicate machines (40 degrees) is the most ideal approach to cleaning your fabric.

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