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The capital of Tigray, Mekelle, by Ethiopian powers at the end of November, has been described by the public authority in Addis Ababa, at the end of the success of the powers to the previous government of the North Region.




In any case, on June 29, seven months after the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed proclaimed Triumph, his soldiers emptied Mcekelle in the middle of road milestones as a result of the sending of a significant counter-offensive of the TIGRAYAN POWERS.




The statement came while Ethiopia faced the back of the rear of the tenactious reports of extrajudicial assassinations, broad assault and famine as conditions of Tigray, where the United Nations evaluate that more than 90 % of its 6,000,000 occupants need food aid.




He conferred certain expectations that follows eight months of serious fighting, the district can see a judgment in the fight against the fight. However, at the end of the titration of the Force of the Ethiopian Armed Force of Mekelle, telephone lines through Tigray, just like the restricted web access used by the assistance associations to their tasks, were cut off.




Then at this point reports have shown that an extension of the TEKEZE River, a key intersection point to help the means of transport in Tigray, has been annihilated. The two combat groups exchanged the fault.




Improvements continue to hinder ways to transport transportation to influence populations, including part of the 2,000,000 individuals inside dislodged by the conflict

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