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The overall thought that energy love is the center in marriage is totally new. In his book on the chronic marriage fund, Stephanie Coontz (2005) shows that this thought became prevalent to about two centuries previously: "People have gone reliably, and at all ages, several couples have been seen Sometimes significantly, only sometimes, in history, love has been seen when the defense of the guide engages. " Coontz, the additional battles that "in various social orders, love has been seen as a comfortable consequence of marriage, anyway, not as a substantial legitimation to engage, independently."




In addition, Pascal Bruckner (2013) struggles that previously, marriage was blessed, and love, if it existed in some way, the form, was a kind of remuneration. Since the heat has been seen as a key in marriage, love is seen as consecrated, and marriage as an assistant.




Similarly, the number of connections has been decreasing, while divorces, unmarried associates and single-parent families extend. Bruckner observes that love has prevailed over marriage, still for and perhaps eliminating it from within.




Taking into account the genuine love enthusiastic, since crucial in marriage has curled the value of marriage, to zero in it in our lives. It has in the similar way, in any case, they made more unusual and uncertain connections. The theme of whether to leave a marriage in which love is not anxious, ends up being alarmingly important for certain couples and burning commitments become a great concern.

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