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Ethiopia was one of the main nations of the planet to adopt Christian trust. Customization nearby holds that this transformation has occurred as before the calendar at the time of the Apostles. In any case, we realize that King Azana of the Shamme Kingdom, in what is currently the Northern Country of Ethiopia, given the coins wearing the Cross of Christ from now 330AD. The supposed domain was actually the first on the planet to touch money with this gadget. Azana also raised some engravings, which seem to say that the change of Christianity has occurred during or go to the time of its rule.




The transformation of Ethiopia, according to the Byzantine Rufus designer, whose record is close to contemporary and deserving clearly of confidence, was made by




Fresenius, a Greek youth speaking of Syria. Navigate the shore of the Red Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAfrica, it was taken to Assam, the capital of the field of assume. There, he entered the help of the decision leader, perhaps that Azana's dad and seems to have changed in relation to the last mentioned or at Azana himself. Fresenius, pretty much at that time, or somewhat later, settled the main "convasses", in Assam, where the first Christians "can use in supplications". He then ventured to Alexandria, at that time, a focal length of extraordinary Christianity, where the well-known patriarch of the Athanashey has properly blessed him as the first bishop of Ethiopia, after which he kissed him The name Abba Salami, or father of peace.




The nine saints




This change, a decisive moment of Ethiopian history, was dragged by the nation of a flood of Christians of different motives. Generally, among them were the nine saints supposed: Abba Alf, Abba Selma, Abba Aragon, Abba Afe, Abba Karima, Abba Pantaloon, Abba Pianos, Abba Tuba and Abba Yem'ata. They were Christian preachers of Syria, or "Roms", for example the Eastern Roman Empire, while the authentic Ethiopian writings ultimately. These guests of the Christian distant world have created religious communities in the major countries of Northern Ethiopians, frequently on mountains practically unavailable.

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