Mensur Jemal with Fegegita React


In this article, the progress of Christian Ethiopian crafts is widely divided into the eight registered periods recorded below, however, it should be remembered that the dates for the previous periods are still discussed and we have an extremely restricted test that precedes the early sunny period (1270 -1527).


This period takes its name from the city of Aksum, which had been the capital of Ethiopia for a long time before the transformation to the Christianity of King Ezana (who ruled from c. 320-360) and was completed as capital for much later . . While we cannot avoid the probability that Christianity has been available in the country that precedes the change of this ruler, is beginning since this period that the exits of unequivocally Christian convictions appear in the material registry.


Few Ethiopian chapels, such as Debre Damo (above) and DeGum, can probably be attributed to the Aksumite time frame. These two designs probably date from the sixth hundreds of years or later. Until now, Aksumita's temples of the sixth century in six have not been distinguished with certainty.

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