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On 9 February 1855, Keisha vanquished the last huge head of the Banana Basement, Dajazmach Were Hale Mariam of Ti dark (Guide 2001, 29-30) following two days, Keisha Hail was assigned leader of masters of Ethiopia as Teardrop II at Were's assemblage Large Mariam, by the Coptic Metropolitan, Abuja Salami. (Marcus 2002, 64)


Exactly when he became head, he chose to reunify and modernize Ethiopia. Regardless, his objectives never arisen in light of the fact that he contributed a huge piece of his energy in military undertakings. After he set up Barbara Tabor as his capital, tracked down 60 miles (ca. 97 km) south-east of ONDAR, he continued to concur Ti dim, Wall, and Shaw, but only for a short period of time.

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