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In general, students considered that they learned new skills creating an ephortinole. Your answers are divided into two categories: a centered on new digital skills and an focused on new reflection skills. In relation to new digital skills, respondents indicated "a greater digital knowledge", working with "video", "an understanding of digital learning tools", "my digital skills are improved." In relation to the new reflection skills, the respondents mentioned: "Greater awareness of the own reflections and possibilities for the exchange of knowledge", "Understanding the digital learning processes", "I have made myself more skilled in reflecting on the theory and connect it to my own teaching. In practice. "


Respondents were asked to evaluate this question by pointing a value on a scale of 0 to 5, where 0 was "nonexistent" and 5 "very high".


Most respondents responded 3-5, indicating a level of intermediate level digital skills at a high level. The answers do not allow us to conclude if these were their level of skills before participating in the course of digital technologies in Vet programs. But given the fact that many of the respondents in a previous question stated that their digital skills were improved through working with digital portfolios, and since digital portfolios were an integrated part of the course mentioned above, part of the course that seems to have participated Influenced your level of digital skills. However, the point is that when working actively with digital portfolios, either for oneself or as part of a study program, the improved levels of digital skills appear to be the result for participants in this small survey.


Benefits and challenges to use eportecolios

Students stressed that the benefits of using eportecolios are multifaceted, but keywords are visibility, reflection and training. Students expressed that you can show and present your learning and make your learning very visible. Everything is collected in the same place, which facilitates it and relevant to others access their learning space.


They saw the Eportfolio as a source that both allows their reflection on their learning process and makes its reflection visible. As a student studied: "I came to leave something in words that otherwise I would not like". In the words of another student in the questionnaire: "The EPortfolio makes the student's learning process visible, which, therefore, makes the EPortfolio an excellent assessment tool for the Formations and Development of the Students."

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