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The computerized portfolio has been perceived as having a great deal of advantages in making the learning system straightforward and enabling understudies to construct their own proficient development following their own advantages. At HAMK, working with an ePortfolio should be inserted in the execution of skill based review modules. Be that as it may, its job isn't simply to work in appraisal of designated capabilities in concentrate on modules, yet additionally work in a more extensive viewpoint as a device for supporting understudies' proficient development. In that sense ePortfolios function as an instrument in building understudies' very own proficient personality all through the entire review time and then some. 


This progress from proficient development to proficient life is verifiable in the accompanying graph (Figure 1.). It represents how understudies and educators can use ePortfolio in their expert improvement as a learning space and make their exhibits bit by bit (see Barrett 2010). A definitive point is to enable understudies to keep utilizing ePortfolios in their deep rooted learning and expert life. We need to explain, as indicated by our encounters being developed and in light of conversations with educators, what is significant for understudies and what instructor groups should know about and deal with.
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