Sad news was heard


The public body is now redeveloping the metropolitan areas it has control over, according to Ustaz Abubakar. Assuming a nonaggression pact is entered into, he stated that the TPLF or the public authorities should start implementing it and focus their efforts on reforming.

According to Ustaz Abu Bakr\'s speech, there is a need to speed up execution and execution that can make common interactions peaceful, and try to strengthen individual to individual relations and clique.

If this musical arrangement had been completed earlier than this period, according to Ustaz Abubakar, it would have been wonderful. To prevent the sound of gunfire from being heard in our nation, he stated it is still crucial to work together.

As indicated by Ustaz Abu Bakr\'s discourse; There is a need to accelerate execution and execution that can make common relations tranquil, and attempt to fortify individuals to-individuals relations and clique.

Ustaz Abubakar said that it would enjoy been great assuming this harmony arrangement had been made before this date. He said that it is as yet important to cooperate to keep the sound of shots from being heard in our country.

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