The amazing operation of Fano


Craftsman Yetnayet is a fruitful money manager who got through a great deal to arrive at this level.


The 52nd Ethiopian Games Title will be held from May 8


The 52nd Ethiopian Sports Title will be held from May 8 at the Ethiopian Youth Institute.


The Ethiopian Sports Organization said something in regards to the opposition.


In the explanation, it is said that the reason for the Ethiopian Sports Title is to quantify the situation with competitors in their preparation and to assist with delivering substitution competitors.


Also, the Ethiopian Games League has declared that competitors will be chosen to address Ethiopia On the planet Sports Title to be held in Budapest, Hungary.


He demonstrated that the greater part 1,000,000 birr in prize cash has been arranged for the competitors in the title and the league has dispensed a spending plan of more than 2.7 million birr for the opposition.


The league declared that a sum of 1,270 competitors of the two genders from 11 locales, two regional authorities, 30 clubs and organizations will partake in the title.


It has been expressed that competitors who come from first to eighth in the opposition will be chosen to take part in the time preliminary to be held in Hawassa to address Ethiopia for the nineteenth Big showdown.


The 52nd Ethiopian Sports Title will endure from May 8 to May 13, 2015.


The 51st Ethiopian Games Title was held in Hawassa City and it will be recalled that Maqil Sports Club was the general champ of the opposition.


Information show that the Ethiopian Sports Title began in 1963.

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