Moment with Tariku wife

Kalkidan Tibebu has affirmed she was with Tariku during his last days.

This is the perception from a companion.

For the entertainer, the attractive, the popular entertainer, the story depicts the light “refreshed”. The illumination of the story to be sure refreshed from that hopeless life. That attractive, the bloom of our nation’s film, the wellspring of all our giggling, his genuine life was brimming with harsh distress. At the point when the entertainer who blew us away with his work got back to his own life, his appearance was like no other. Not even one of us care about the man, however about the work. Such is our life. Not a single one of us care about any other individual’s life.

The story was particularly miserable about his life after the separation of his marriage. The manner by which the marriage separated and the connected issues, the log jam in the film market and the absence of work by that sought-after entertainer broke the story mentally. Dejection hurt him. The robust entertainer in the public eye is starving. Searching for somebody, he lost somebody. As to start with, just his mom was close by eventually.
The story was about the passing of a friend or family member and the forlornness that was more excruciating than the aggravation. At the point when the entertainer who was so dear became sick with torment and close to home breakdown, his mom fell into a pathetic cottage, and nobody pivoted to see him.

He didn’t have a companion to go to his home even to say “May God take you”. Along these lines, the possibility of constantly in the story needed to rise again from where it had fallen and show that he is a man. Yet again he was remaining before the camera with his astonishing acting. Yet, it didn’t work out.

Today, the story’s mom’s home is loaded up with popular craftsmen. There is a ton of crying over the story today. Tomorrow the burial service will be praised. A dissection has been planned. A laurel of blossoms is showered upon him. In any case, this doesn’t have anything to do with the story.

If by some stroke of good luck a couple of the specialists who featured his cry today had remained close by, maybe he would have had the option to recuperate from his passing, which was advanced rapidly by the disintegration of his marriage, his better half, his partners, and the absence of humankind. In the event that he was encircled by individuals, he died dozing alone. The story today is a help from a great deal of torment.

The story is that when Barhanu returned to his mom’s home in distress and nodded off, among every one of his companions and admirers, he was the only one designated as an entertainer who paid for his medication and clinical costs. I have no words to thank this young lady. I express gratitude toward her for being such an individual where individuals were lost previously. Much thanks to you once more.

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