Veronica and Biruk for the first time

Veronica examined with biruk after seifu assisted her darling with having a contact with him.

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For what reason is it vital to decrease how much sugar we eat?

(By Dr. Honeliat Ephraim)

✓ To lessen body weight

Eating a ton of sweet food sources is one of the fundamental explanations behind weight gain, since fructose causes fat capacity, and eating such a large number of desserts causes us to feel hungry and eat more, so it is suggested that you lessen how much sugar you take to change your body weight.

✓ For solid teeth

If you have any desire to have white and sparkling teeth, diminish your sugar consumption. On the off chance that we eat desserts, the microorganisms in the mouth will duplicate, making us helpless against tooth and gum illness. Sugar isn’t suggested for sound teeth!

✓ For skin quality

Sugar makes our skin break and lose quality. It eliminates the water in the cells and prompts dryness of the skin.

✓ To have consistent energy

Sugar makes us dynamic since it provides us with a great deal of energy when we eat it, however when the sum drops right away, it makes us feel drained and hungry, so utilizing it is suggested not.

✓ For a sound heart

Our body transforms unused sugar into fat, and when this fat increments, it expands your gamble of coronary illness and stroke, so watch out.

If it’s not too much trouble, share with your companions!

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