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Late artist Tariku Birhanu and Kassahun Fisseha

Tariku Birhanu and Kassahun FissehaThe 6th Oda Award in memory of Abebe is going to be held at Friendship Square Ethiopia The Oda Award, which is organized by Shatu Tule Mariam Multi Media and Oromia Culture and Tourism Bureau every year, will be held for the 6th time this year on December 18, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. at Friendship Square.

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And that day with music; More than 60 candidates will be presented in the film and book categories and the winners will be awarded separately; Veteran and renowned experts will also present their works on stage.

The primary objective of the Oda Award is to enable art works in all our languages ​​in our country to have equal opportunities and be encouraged and contribute to the development of Ethiopian art.

In this way, Ethiopian art and artists are competing on major international platforms and our country’s culture; Apart from promoting tradition and social version, it is to make Ethiopia get the economic benefits it deserves from the industry.

The Oda Award, which started as A in 2010, has now reached its sixth year.

In the past five years, 300 professionals in more than 20 fields have been awarded recognition certificates and trophies in award programs that have maintained their quality and brilliance.

 This has created a revival for many and is causing many quality works to be published in Afan Oromo.

Oda Award in the annual preparation process; quality; The number of sectors and types of participants continues to grow. In the future, he is making practical activities to make it a real national award event where the languages ​​of the ethnic groups compete.

Based on this, he is making an effort to get the initiative of making art works in all national languages ​​competitive at the regional level and awarded as Ethiopian national art works at the main Oda Award.

This year, 515 music works have been submitted, and it is said that only works made in the music, film and book categories of 2014 from September 1st to September 5th will be eligible for the award.

In addition, senior experts who have made high artistic works in Oromo language, Harari and Benshangul will be awarded for their lifetime in consideration of national initiatives.

Those with high experience in the competition process; Professionals who conduct research in art and teach in higher education institutions conduct the judging process with great care and jointly formulate their own criteria and give a score out of 70 after examining each work in depth.

In this way, the works that got the best score will be announced to the public to get votes for the final public judging by sending a short text message to 8222.

 The points obtained will be counted and the winners will be recognized and awarded in the award program. This system prevents the organizers of the award from interfering in the judging process, based only on the profession and public acceptance and allows for a transparent process.

At the award ceremony to be held at Friendship Park on December 18, senior federal and state government officials

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