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Every Vietnamese instructive foundation needs to track down their own next conceivable advancement step simultaneously. Directors have a significant influence in developing hierarchical learning towards Education 4.0. The point of directors' review visit to Finland was to fortify normal arrangement and commitment to help the approaching advancement process. This point was all around came to. As results of the visit, we can distinguish numerous viable activities, which fabricate a decent establishment for additional turn of events. Supervisors communicated the manner in which they can construct another learning society, similar to "We want to trust and support our educators to learn" or "Urge understudies to join and play their job in instructing and learning process". They referenced the need to make a solid linkage between instructive establishments and industry by examination and venture based learning and to change the educational plan to meet the prerequisites of organizations. They perceived the requirement for using computerized instruments and conditions in building motivating learning conditions for educators and understudies. It is urgent that directors are inspired for changes and furthermore learning themselves, as their own excitement and interest can assist with beating difficulties. 


Towards learning biological system of Education 4.0 in Vietnam 


The ideal change in the Vietnamese setting requires better approaches for working in proficient organizations. In our undertaking plan, we expressed that "Instruction 4.0 depends on equivalent collaboration, discourse and straightforwardness, which assembles trust and normal comprehension between accomplices. The point is to fabricate a learning environment 4.0 with networks of training". In light of the encounters of WP 1, we as of now have a solid commitment to proceed with the coordinated effort. During administrators' visit in Finland, supervisors showed a ton of help to one another and the soul for normal advancement was high. They referenced that shared coordinated effort is critical to expanding the use of the relative multitude of accessible assets like the library, research offices and web based preparing materials. With respect to information and ability of Education 4.0, establishments have their own qualities and claim to fame regions which can be distinguished and cooperatively used later on in the EMVITET project.

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