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The basic point in ePortfolio work is kicking it off. In the first place, the main job of instructor groups is to cause understudies to comprehend the thought and the significance of the ePortfolio work, and what sort of long lasting learning and expert advantages it may have later on advanced world. Understudies feature the requirement for help and direction from instructors, for instance by presenting motivating models and picking appropriate conditions (Kunnari et al. 2017). The responsibility for work should be in understudies' own hands, to guarantee the inspiration and to help the innovativeness. They need to have sufficient opportunity to choose the substance and the viewpoint of their ePortfolios. 


Nonetheless, the job of instructors in framework the learning of understudies is critical (Lave and Wenger 1991; Ruhalahti, Korhonen and Ruokamo 2016), particularly in the beginning stage. Understudies need explicit rules, tasks and feed forward. As to space – measure ePortfolio, useful way is to utilize ePortfolio as PLE (Personal Learning Environment, see Attwell 2007), where understudies return their tasks, that are then connected to the association's learning climate for evaluation (for example Moodle stage). Educator groups' significant job is to urge and to move understudies to rehearse their abilities in making their skills straightforward with computerized instruments. Imaginative and not very prohibitive tasks are required, which make it workable for understudies to show their capabilities in more than one way of utilizing sight and sound devices in ePortfolios. Additionally understudies' appearance is done by means of ePortfolio, where instructors have an admittance to follow and can respond rolling out fast improvements to the learning system if necessary. Through understudy's ePortfolios educators will get the perceivability to guarantee of understudy's proficient turn of events and self-improvement.
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