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Monday, September 16, 2015 A.D., from the very outset of the Demera lighting function to be held at the Cross Square:


• Street from Convergence to Cross Square and Ednamol in Chart book to Kazanchis Urail Square


• The street driving from Gotera to Cross Square, Agona Film


• For the iandividuals who come from Gofa to Legehar on the new street, at the convergence of Kirkos Church


• From Bulgaria in the square of Mexico, going to the nation of the contorted floor region


• From Sar Bet to Mexico Square and from the Military Beldata High Court to Legehar, Mexico Square.


• Establishing Religion in Goma Reserve funds to Gehar Sangatera 40/60 Condo Region


• Saving tires for drivers who go from Geja area, Fifth police headquarters


• At the Meteorological Door of the Dark Lion Emergency clinic from Merkato


• From head theater in Gola Michael for inward Gola Michael cross


• From Plant Religion Dark Lion Movement Dark Lion Shell


• From the piazza on Chapel Road to Gehar Theodore Square


• In the old Kera boiling water business printing house


• From Kazanchis to Hilton Kazanchis All out


• Addis Ababa Police has declared that the street from Mindful to Kazanchis at the previous sixth police intersection will be shut to vehicles from 5 pm until the occasion is finished.

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