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Portfolio as a learning space and a feature (Barrett 2010) has been acquainted with the instructors, and presently understudies from many review programs have begun to utilize them. In this article, we plan to explain how ePortfolio can fill in as a device in capability based and understudy focused advanced education, where a definitive objective of utilizing ePortfolio is to enable understudies to construct their expert profile and to discover their position in the work market. We center around instructors' work at HAMK utilizing ePortfolio as an appraisal and direction apparatus, which as per Yang, Tai and Lim (2016) "incorporate exhibiting and sharing learning relics, reporting intelligent learning measures, associating learning across different stages and empowering incessant criticism for upgrades". We are keen on how instructors can work with understudies' ePortfolio creation, and what sort of preconditions for progress can be distinguished according to educators' perspective. The thoughts and viewpoints introduced in this article depend on numerous conversations with HAMK instructors and instructive engineers, and on pragmatic improvement business related to the ePortfolio utilization in steering single guy programs. What's more, past examinations made in the EEP-project have been used, similar to assortment of best practices (Kunnari and Laurikainen 2017), understudies points of view investigations (Kunnari, Laurikainen, and Torseke 2017) and examinations of bosses' viewpoints (for example Kunnari 2018). In this sense, the methodology of this article is applying the standards of training based or expert based exploration (Heikkinen, de Jong, and Vanderlinde 2016), where specialists themselves, including understudies and instructors, are examining their own practices.
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