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Mrs. Ahudo Jibril is a 80-year-old affluent lady who lives in 01 Kebele (Melka Jebdu) in Dredawa organization.


This mother has been helping and being upheld by her main child who lives in one of the rooms of their little cottage in their yard since they couldn't uphold themselves because of their propelling age.


Mrs. Ahudo's just child is helping his youngsters and his natural mother overall quite well and driving the family, yet the help he used to give isn't at nothing. The explanation is that Mrs. Ahudo's just child and the top of the family were isolated until the end since he didn't return because of his ailment.


After the passing of Mrs. Ahudo's lone youngster, the full liability of driving the family laid on her child's significant other and grandkids, and they are as yet attempting to get by fully supported by good companions and family members.


To exacerbate the situation, on one occasion something ended up aggravating their concerns. A solid breeze blended in with downpour totally ripped off the top of the family's mud cabin. Along these lines, they can't stand to remodel the house, so they are residing in a little sanctuary by gathering the wrecked tin. However, presently it appears to be that Mrs. Ahudana's family's lodging issue is going to be addressed.


In light of the yearly winter willful help program at the regulatory level, all administration establishments in Dredawa have been coordinated to remodel the homes of poor people, and the pioneers and laborers of the Public Assistance and HR Improvement Department of Dredawa have consented to revamp the place of a destitute individual and the expense of this great deed. It is to be recalled that in the conversation held yesterday, the heads of the workplace have chosen to help 10% of their month to month compensation and laborers 5%.


At the workplace level, a board of trustees has been positioned to organize the house remodel work and today, the council individuals took over Mrs. Ahuda Jibril's home, one of the houses chose for redesign this mid year, within the sight of the 01 kebele pioneers.


The workplace will begin the redesign of the house from here on out, and the administration and staff of the workplace will partake in the lodging issue of Mrs. Ahudo's mom by taking part in their endeavors notwithstanding the cash they contribute until the house remodel is finished.

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