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The spouse of the embarcade ended his calm. At present, be overwhelmed by commercial skyscraper structures to have the headquarters of important banks in the country, the school had also assembled another structure at the back of the old halls and places management of management. In any case, the organization of the school has been educated that they must leave the ground since they are located in a space attributed as a monetary objective. The school is subjected to staying where it is located, for a similar explanation, it is advisable to empty.




"We also manufacture graduates in finance and we have been dealing with the nation's administrative and private human assets since we were supervised in 1943," said Worku Mekonnen (Ph.D.), head of the school adding : "We served the needs of the country in each angle." The work accepts that the school area in the middle of the monetary region is an ideal adaptation for the sub-lines, because these foundations would fill research centers for the Graduates, while the school works intensely with banks and insurance agencies to improve their current working relationships.




"The choice simply thinks of ornamental structures. However, it's a rare open door for both school and monetary businesses," said Walku. "We do not know why they needed to empty and we have not been advised on the choice." Banks, including the commercial bank of Ethiopia and Buna International Bank, reappropriate their inscriptions and preparing work at school.

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