Naod tube daily ethiopian news July 7 2021


Leader Ahmed Abiy, as the current executive of the Intergovernmental Development Authority (IGAD), has accelerated a conversation between Kenya's leaders and Somalia on issues of respective concerns today in Nairobi.




Appropriately, President Kenyan Uhuru Kenyatta and his partner Mohamed Abdullahi Somali Farmaajo led a broad conversation to determine the meeting of the sea.




Kenya and Somalia have had opportunities on a limited triangle on the coastline is the maritime suburbs of Africa in the Indian Ocean, about 100,000 square kilometers.




The maritime area of ​​the debate among Somalia and the neighboring Kenya in the Indian Ocean appeared to contain enormous oil, gas and fish stores.




A month ago, the Kenya Somalia Strategic Emissary Foreign Affairs Ministry in Kenya in Mogadishu and examined its delegate in Mogadishu, for what he represented as "critical discussions".




Somali Kenya has been singularly accused of selling oil and gas blocks in the contested ocean region at the closing of London on 7 February while reporting radical measurements.

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