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Such was the explanation as the TPL approached the Tigreans to come out and surrender, giving them the cold shoulder and leaving them alone and embarrassed, rushing into the troubled mountains.


Josef Gebrehivet did not tell anyone about the seriousness of the TPL. Gang offense is not limited to Ethiopia, it goes too far. The "winning creator" didn't say a word about how he sent assassination experts to connect countries like Kenya, Uganda, Sudan and Djibouti and kill or bring back the obstacle vanguard and investigate them. For example, Andargachew ISIGE, a worldwide air tour, was picked up from Sana'a airport on 23 June 2014 and brought back to Ethiopia and separated, seemingly forever secured by the PLF guys. At that time they transferred him to the Kaliti Prison and held him with two inmates on death row for murder, but his phone was monitored by a PLF security officer named Bethany. Amharic Book


Individuals are not ashamed of any imagination. He even struggled to deal with the abused promo. If there is abuse of the promo, it ends during the PLF's 27 year rule. Indeed, the persecution of Oromo at the height of his confrontation with Adhara was the last difficult situation he had to endure, the camel's soul shattered, the progress of which cost him his power and forced him to stay in Makale. Its current abolition has been largely driven by Oromo generals such as Bethany Julia and Bach Dembélé. What is she talking about? Promotion understands and remembers how the TPL manages it. As Say Abraham points out, the TPLF previously set a pioneering record for power, Romina (promo language) during the TPLF rule being the most widely spoken language in prisons. On January 2, 2021, countless Roma promotions revolted in defense of Dr. Help Abbey punish PLF criminals and his deputy OLF Shane, who was prepared, prepared and funded by the PLF to overthrow the Prime Minister of Ethiopia. Does it seem like the current promotion is being abused by any of them?


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