TPLF unexpected attack


H.E. Adtech Abbie is centered around guaranteeing each Adds Abelian has a sensible chance in a creating and prosperous Addis Ababa. Her association is based on making Addis Ababa's prosperity more thorough, moving AA regards, and building safer, more grounded, and better neighborhoods across Addis Ababa 11 sub-metropolitan regions.


Addis Ababa is phenomenal in the Ethiopia's political structure - the city corridor pioneer, AA's CEO, and


limits as a lead delegate, region boss, and city lobby pioneer. Like lead delegates, Mayor Adtech Abbie runs Health Bureau, Education Bureau, gives driver's licenses, and has Tax Authority. Like area bosses, the Mayor runs the local jail, and, as opposed to most city corridor pioneers, moreover controls the public authority supported school




In 2020, Addis Ababa is home to 5.5M people across 68 square miles, has an AAA bond rating, and a yearly spending plan of more than 15 billion Birds.


On August 18, 2020, Adan ch Abbie transformed into the essential woman anytime picked as the Mayor of Addis Ababa and the really city administrator to procure homes' support in longer than 10 years. She is the 32nd executive of the city since its starting point in 1910. Since getting to work, the Mayor has tracked down a way extreme ways of reseting Addis Ababa's worldwide and public reality, speed up giving moderate housing measure, upgrade the Addis Ababa economy, increase satisfaction in city advantages, and put assets into ventures and techniques that license more families to live and prosper in Addis Ababa.


In the past five months, Mayor Advanced Abbie has:


Included abundance of 179,000 positions, lessened joblessness by 6%, and extended Addis Ababa Government's yearly proceeding with neighboring associations by 8 million Birds;


Driven the Housing Bureau, extended the city's moderate housing, and set a striking goal to create 26,000 new homes by 2022;


Sent the essential food security program;


Collaborated with various affiliations monetary benefactors to impel reusing and decline waste the board system;


Driven political and money related joint exertion with France, Israel, Canada, and the United States;


Going before ending up being Mayor in 2020, Adan ch Abbie filled in as Attorney General and Minister of Revenue and Custom Commission. During her public assistance she filled in as the Chairwoman of the Committee on Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation, National Bank of Ethiopia, and COVID-19 Working social affair among others. She passed an establishment to build the new field, and got from the focal government the best piece of the Abe be Bela Stadium for Addis Ababa. She similarly made a thorough ethics change and extended straightforwardness in government contracting.

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