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There is also evidence to propose that part of the normal assets of the kingdom, for example, gold and ivory, had been drained. Now, we now think that this period of history and Ethiopian researchers differs even on the dates of his departure and end.




The political axis of Ethiopia seems to have continuously moved to the southern and eastern parts of the Ti Gray District in the post-Aksumite period. Some places of worship on these territories have probably been credited at this time. However, the transformations resulting from impotence to obtain consents to lead archaeological studies render the annoying dating.




It seems likely that the temples continued to be worked as cut (cut) out of the rock. A rally of funerary hypomency (underground charges) in the plain of Hawken (in Northern Ethiopia) may have been changed into holy places during the assignment period. This could be the situation of worship homes, for example, ABREHA-WE-ATSBEHA (below) and thermos munro (the canvases in these places of worship probably date from a later period). According to oral neighborhood customs, few iron reproaches to assume or post post-aksumite periods, but the non-accessory of reliable dating strategies and how these crosses have been delivered at all costs until the 16th century , makes it incredibly difficult to check these cases.

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