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Getachew Reda made a question, The rest of the TPLF came, Final filling created motivation among the people. We also liven up our intermediaries, get people excited, and encourage the authorities. He has built a strong trust between individuals and authorities,” he said. Ethiopia recently announced the effective implementation of a second round of charging, which will allow the country to generate electricity from two turbines.




The initial age of electricity from the two turbines will begin in the next few months, he learned. He gave an example, the dam arose because of strong community ties at that time. This should last until the final stages of the venture, he added. "GERB has reached the next stage of the cast because of our solidarity and ability to stick with our own. This shows that GERB is a real and extraordinary picture of collaboration."




Meanwhile, the public council coordinating public participation in the construction of GERB communications director Hailu Abraham said that the successful completion of the second round is a continuation of connecting public institutions and individuals. He promised to continue to support the task until it was fully approved. “The residents have supported the construction from the very first moment,” said Timerga, adding that this is the first time I have bought bonds more than a few times and will continue to do so once the dam is completed. "


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