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Set up the tasks, projects, tests and so forth that the understudy can use to show their capability for each learning objective. Make sure to plan these such that they can be finished from a distance. 


Plan a bunch of instructing materials that empower understudies to finish the essential tasks and different undertakings that will permit them to show their ability. 


Timetable these skill showing exercises such that the understudies' responsibility stays at a suitable level all through the module. At this stage, you ought to likewise consider including direction times that can be sorted out for instance through Skype so your understudies have the chance to pose inquiries or additional explanation. 


After this, you will be prepared to carry out your arrangement, gather understudy criticism identified with the point and, at whatever point important, roll out any essential improvements before the module is to be organized once more. 


Case Technical drawing 


In the spring of 2017, in the Mechanical Engineering program at Häme University of Applied Sciences, a various module "Plan of a shaft structure" was carried out. One piece of this module was the Technical drawing course (6 credits). The web-based execution of the specialized drawing course was prepared as per the standards of flipped course arranging. As indicated by the educational program, the learning result for this piece of the module is: "The understudies comprehend the standards of current 3D plan and can apply them practically speaking." During the arranging system, this fairly broad and uncertain learning result was partitioned into seven more modest parts that filled in as the bases for the tasks that the understudies used to show what they had realized. Understudies got focuses for the tasks that they finished, and their not really settled the grades they got for that piece of the module. Contingent upon the extent of every tasks, their greatest focuses for the tasks changed between two to seven focuses, displayed in Table 1.

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